How can i see the last lessons which a provider made?

Is there any way to subscribe to a provider, in order to see which new lessons is making? I find it hard to find the new lessons and updated of provider evgeny40 since he has got a lot of them.

Thank you

Josu, thanks for your attention to my new lessons.
Recently I’ve written a lot first of all for beginners, but some of new podcasts I’ve made also for the Intermediate level.
Here is the link to my new article about the party for students who just finished schools “ПРАЗДНИК АЛЫЕ ПАРУСА”:

But after listening this podcast you can go from it to ‘view a course’ and find among 139 podcasts some podcasts that you haven’t listen yet.

And here you can find my new article for the course “СОВЕТЫ УЧИТЕЛЯ”- “КАК МЫ ВСЁ-ТАКИ УЧИМ ИНОСТРАННЫЕ ЯЗЫКИ?” where I discuss with Steve Kaufmann about the different ways of the learning: with ‘eyes’, with ‘ears’ and with ‘hands’- it means with writing:

And again - it’s my 19th article for this course, check if you listened all of them going to ‘view a course’.
Good luck to you and to all students of Russian!

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Hi Josu88,

You can use the filter option to find recently added lessons by a provider on the Library page.
On the left-hand side of the page you will find a “Provider” tab once you show all filter options. After selecting the provider, click on the “Sort” tab on the right-hand side of the page and click, “Recently Added”.

I hope this helps!


thank you! very useful, i gonna be using that option from now on

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