How can I search for new courses?

I would like to know, how can I search in the library for new courses by level in this new version of LingQ?

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As far as I seen Recommended section kinda became the Courses section. Go there and you will see an option for sorting em from beginner 1 to advanced 2. After you pick up a new course you will find it later in My Lessons tab if you choose ‘‘Courses’’ instead of ‘‘Lessons’’ in a little frame displayed there.

The level switch now controls the Lesson Feed and all Library search results. Just go to the Library tab and type something in the search field. Adjust the level switch as needed.

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The Recommended tab shows you courses that are pre-selected for you. This is a basic guided path for using LingQ. To find anything else you should go to the other tabs.


How is it possible to find only NEW courses?


We could add a shelf to do that I suppose. If that is of interest to users. For now, you would have to do an empty search of the library to see all courses and then sort by Newly Shared.

The thing is, when I do a empty search on the library, I not only find courses but also a collection of lessons from different courses (apparently gathered by other users that’s not the one who originally posted the course), I would like to find only courses.

@Clay93 - There are some bugs causing strange lessons and courses to show when looking at the courses. Sorry about that. Hopefully by tomorrow the results will be better.

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I mean I can not find the courses I have never read.
I cannot understand what the engine finds for me.
How is it possible to filter the unread courses?
How can I find just Intermediate lessons?

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Bona demando. Mi ankaux ne trovas ion.

There is no pagination neither in “My Lessons” nor in the search results of the “Library”.

Yes, we are working on this. Sorry.

Is there any way to find only the courses I have not yet read?

No, that doesn’t exist. But, is something we can add to the filters in future. I will add it to the wishlist.

It seems to be obvious to have 2 lists for each user:

  1. the courses the user have read
  2. the courses the user have NOT YET read
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Mark, do you use LingQ?
Do you use the existing courses in the LingQ library?
How do you search for new courses?

Right now I’m studying Italian where I mostly use imported content at the stage i am at. Even at an earlier stage, I mostly use the Feed to find lessons of interest. However, I understand your point and we will look to improve our filtering in the Library tabs.

This still seems to be a problem. I only got the update yesterday and can’t find a way to browse for brand new courses. The other version made it very simple to do.

For the moment you can do a blank search and then use the sort Newly Added. We are working on some improvements in the Library.

problem is that when i do that it includes courses that i have taken already as well courses that are all over the place in terms of levels. forever i used to search for a course by level,and select the course based on % or unknown words that i thought would a good fit. was that search option now taken away?