How can I scramble vocabulary cards

When practicing with the vocabulary cards they always come in alphabetical order. That doesn’t seem very useful. I always seem to be practicing the words with A. Is there a way to scramble them?


Not exactly a “scramble” option, but if you click on “Filters”, there is a “Sort By” option. You can choose from alphabetical/reverse alphabetical, creation date, importance, status.

Sorting by creation date would “scramble” it for sure, although it would be the same “scramble” every time.


Sure, you can change the Sort By under the filters on the Vocabulary tab, or use other filtering options to sort out specific LingQs or change their order. Give it a try!

thanks! yes, creation date seems to be the closest to scrambling.

thanks! that’s a good start. Maybe you can put a real “scramble” on the feature list to come.