How can I say “graded reader” and “parallel text” in... as many languages as possible?

Hey guys,

I have been recommending graded readers and parallel texts to my students but the problem is that my students speak a ton of different languages so I can’t even really tell them what to Google^^
Maybe we can make a list? I think that would be useful not only for me but also for other teachers and language learners :slight_smile:

Deutsch: Einfache Lektüre, vereinfachte Ausgabe // Paralleltext, zweisprachige Ausgabe
Español: Lecturas graduadas // Ediciones (/ textos) bilingües
Finnish: be kaksikielinen/kaksikieliset kirja/t

haha when I saw the headline, I wanted to add German, but…

BTW I would say “vereinfachte Ausgabe” // “zweisprachige Ausgabe”


Español: Lecturas graduadas // Ediciones (/ textos) bilingües

More input anyone?

In Finnish it would be kaksikielinen/kaksikieliset kirja/t, literally bilingual book/s. Try as a might I can’t find a suitable translation for Swedish, I’ll be sure to post it if I find a adequate translation.


Polish: graded reader - lektura uproszczona, parallel text - tekst równoległy, książka dwujęzyczna (which means a book)

In Portuguese it’s probably something similar to spanish:

Leituras Graduadas // Edições (/ textos) Bilingues.

But I’ve heard some people say “Graded reader” without translating it.