How can I save/download lessons on my phone?

This maybe already answered,but can I save lessons on my phone (android) and review them later if I cannot connect to the internet?Thanks in advance

@T120 - Sure, you can download our iLingQ app here:

Thanks for reply,I have the app installed on my phone already and think it’s great,but is it possible to store the lessons,or retain the lessons so I can see them if I cannot connect to wifi/internet,thanks

@T120 - Yes, any lessons you have previously opened in the app are accessible when offline as well. Or, you can create playlists which automatically download all lessons to the app.

OK,thankyou very much for your help,love the app,keep up the great work!!

Hi there, I am wondering a similar thing? I want to play the audio lessons on my ipad when I am not on the Internet, is the only way to do this to pay the monthly membership fee?

Or is it possible to download the audio to the app for free?

@Tuquiero - You can download audio files from your computer then transfer them to your iPad. Alternatively, if you would like to do this through our iLingQ app then you will need to upgrade your account. Let us know if you have any further questions!