How can I Reset a Course?

How can I easily reset a course from LingQ, or even more my own courses? Without the risk of deleting any lesson?

The reason is for more easily repeat a series of lessons without seeing the green bar of a lesson already done and all the rest (downloads, audio references, tts). In this case, the software is better equipped to restart from scratch and remember where it was the last time.
It is also easier to remember where I was last time I used it, otherwise I can always see all lessons green and I don’t remember if I was repeating lesson 3 or lesson 4 and so on.


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It’s not possible at the moment, I am afraid. We will see if there’s anything we can do in the upcoming updates.


I was looking for this option as well, for the same reason.

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@davideroccato ,

Try removing the course from “continue studying” and then re-adding it. For me, it appears to have reset the green bars and the audio. I tried on two different courses in two different languages on desktop.

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@hiptothehop yes, that does it if the course comes from LingQ. Have you tried it if the course is uploaded by you? Because when I tried it in the past it deleted the course.

Some time ago, I reuploaded a book that I previously read on lingq halfway through, it was the same edition, so all the words were the same, just a different book cover. The green bar was reset for all the lessons/partitions of the book, don’t know if it’s helpful.

Copy the text of the lessons one by one and begin a new course with these copied lessons. You can copy the texts using “print lesson”.

well, yes, that would be redo the work of reuploading everything.

It’s not only the lessons, it’s also the audio. If you have 80 lessons of 5’ each, it’s becoming a bit time consuming doing it again.

You are correct. I suppose deleting a private course linked to no one makes sense for them to manage disk space, but leaves us without the ability to reset those.

I did end up just deleting and re-importing the book I had imported. Not a great solution.

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