How can I repair my streak?

In my opinion I have been learning each day. But despite that I got the message, I had lost my streak. I would like to repair it, but I don’t know how. Can you explain it to me? Or is there any tutorial I could watch? Thank you

Looks like you did repaired it already. Each time you lose the streak, you will get email reminder to repair it and popup notification when you login to your LingQ account.

I just bought premium and started doing linqq like 3 hours a day. 3 days in and I get a message saying I lost my streak; give coin to repair it!! That’s not a great message for motivation!

@kellyllek n order to maintain your streak, you need to reach your Daily LingQs goal every day.

Thanks! yeah been doing about 200 a day for the first 3 days, or so it seems! so not dead sure why it flagged me. I think maybe because I must have done one day after midnight? I know this was an issue for people in another app and I ended up losing a streak the same way. If that’s the case, I’d suggest setting the clock to 2am the next day! I often will be doing Lingq to put me to sleep!

where can I set a daily goal if you don’t mind?

You can set your Daily Goal under the Settings button (gear icon) on the home page.
Also, you should select correct time zone on your Profile:

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Thanks so much! A couple more questions!!!

So I only have 13 set, but I’ve reviewed over 100 today. So is 13 meant to be the number you turn to “known” then?

And with the time zone; you think I can fudge it a couple hours east so my midnight will become 2am?


  1. I had it set to the wrong time zone completely!
  2. Went through my whole profile and can’t find the lingq goal option?
  3. I’ve not enough coin to repair my streak!
  4. I think actually the goal is for creating new lingqs and nothing to do with Reviewing Vocabulary!

No, it’s enough to just create LingQs, no need to make them known. If your goal is set to 13, just create 13 LingQs per day to reach goal and build the streak.

If you set your time zone, the day will end on 12AM your time and that’s until when you need to create enough LingQs. You can select other time zone, of course, if that works better for you and if you need “longer day” to reach your goal.

Fab thanks. I think I have it now ! After watching many videos and experimenting quite a while I was still under the impression that you had to start “knowing” all the words to move on… But really it seems you move on!! And then use the Review to supplement and adding some variety to your learning.

I have found too right now just to use sentence mode. Here’s what I’m trying now:

  1. I listen to the sentence
  2. Read the sentence
  3. Try to figure out what is being said/conveyed
  4. create new lingqs with the blue words
  5. listen again
  6. click yellow words I have forgotten to get a quick reminder
  7. translate the sentence (with the translate button)
  8. listen again
  9. Review (but not every sentence)
  10. move on to next sentence

I think I could add to this to listen the the whole lesson to start, and listen to the whole lesson again to finish, and maybe add to the playlist.