How can I repair my streak? I didnt receive the pop-up messege :(

Hi everyone!

How can I repair my streak? I was studying Swedish on Youtube and I lost my streak, it wasn’t that long but it was important to me. Can anyone help me? Im devastated :frowning:

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I fixed your Swedish streak. :slight_smile:


I just got the message to repair my streak on a new device (and I did repair it for 5000 coins), but I confirmed last night before i went to bed and got the message that I had sufficient coins (I believe it was 64?), and earlier today when i opened on a different device I didn’t get the broken streak message…not sure why it showed up - any way to get my 5k coins back?

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Sorry but I can’t refund coins. Next time contact me and I’ll fix your streak without spending your coins.

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