How can I put a question about the certain text?

I’m sorry, but I forgot how can I put a question about the certain text.
In the version before it was a simple possibility for asking.
And now I have a lot of buttons, but I can’t find the button for asking even not for a tutor, but for one word - in this case about a french text.

Hi! When you are on the lesson, you go on the dashboard and click on the third icon into the right top corner and select lesson forum, you will see ‘ask on the forum’.

I also don’t know how to open a question on the forum into a lesson… before had a button, but now…?

To ask a question on a single word, you must click on the word, so that the LingQ-creating window opens up, then select the “Ask a Tutor” tab and write your question there.

@Mikebond: When I click on the word, I receive a tab with 4 possibilities:
1.Google translation
2.Search in the dictionary
3.I know this word
4.Ignore the word
I don’t have the opportunity to ask a tutor on this tab!
@exodus: I have 4 icons on the lesson, but I can open them only if they have some comments or tramslation to the lesson. I don’t know to select ‘the lesson forum’ - I don’t see such an opportunity!

Merci Miss Take! C’etait une quetion pour vous : de - qon.

Re, You are right, we cannot see nothing if nobody has not asked a question yet as Miss Take said. Mikebond has found the issue, you select a word and click on the ‘ask a tutor’ blue tab, the fouth next to dictionnaries, examples, user hints, ask a tutor, notes, audio. Can you see it evguenvy?

Thanks, friends!
I’ve understood that this button was in the former version visible,
but now it is getting visible only after you click on the word: in the bottom of the dictionary tab
or in the tab in the line like Exodus writes, but only if I made some of the translation,
so if the word is yellow - at least on my computer it’s like I described,
but it’s rather complicate, isn’t it?