How can I prevent my lingqs from automatically becoming known words

When I use flash cards, cloze tests, and multiple choice tests, I find that, as I select the right answers, my lingqs gradually move to known, until eventually they are considered known words. They no longer appear in text that I read as lingqs.

I would rather have control over when I truly feel like I know a lingq, while still being able to use flash cards, cloze tests, and multiple choice tests. Because, I’m finding that quite often I still don’t really remember / know something that has been automatically marked as known when I go back to it.

Is there a way that I can prevent auto-setting my lingqs as known, while using being able to use those features, other than by mentally noting what is the right answer, but then actually selecting wrong answers on those tests? I would prefer not doing that also since I could see that messing up your SRS algorithms.

When you mark words as correct twice in a row in the Flashcards or Cloze Test, their status will automatically increase. There isn’t currently a way to turn this off, but you can easily adjust the status of any word while in a lesson by clicking on it then pressing the 1-4 keys. If you find a word is too high of a level then you can drop it down to a lower level.

Hi shanplourde, I do exactly what Alex suggests if I don’t feel confident enough to ‘let a word go’. When I see a word that I’m unsure of go from very pale yellow to being faintly underlined, I click it back onto the 3. Confidence, to my mind, is what I lack, a simple fear of letting go. We will get there! :slight_smile:

Best wishes, Sue

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Don’t click on got it or oops just swipe to the next word.

Thanks Alex and Sue, I’ll follow those suggestions, since if I set my known status I’m assuming that will still work with the lingq SRS I imagine?

Yes, it will work. The SRS review period is set based on whatever status you set for a term.