How can I motivate myself for learning english everyday?

Hi guys,

Usually, I plan my english study in week, but every weekend I see that I don’t spent time for english study like I would like.

Always, happen anything in work, college, relationship with my girlfriend that ask attencion. How can I motivate myself for learning english everyday?

Does anyone have advice for me?


Make your study sessions short. Take, say, 15 minutes to go over a lesson in the course book your following, or to go through a couple of lessons on LingQ. Later, if and when you have another 15 min, do another English related task.

You simply have to make it your priority to do as much of you daily activities in English as possible. It then becomes just a part of your routine.

I’ve always though that if you don’t have the motivation to do something, it’s probably not going to come by any conscious choice. Motivation isn’t something designed or planned. It’s more like a sort of grace which seems to come from nowhere. When you look forward to working on the language, you’ll automatically gravitate towards it.

Then, as Elric says, it becomes a habit - a part of your routine.

Yes, at times your motivation can wane because we humans are lazy creatures by nature. I mean, if I found a gold mine, would I work harder in my life. Answer is, hell no. You need to go back to your basic reason of learning this language. Do you think you can travel to the world easily if you know English very well? or if you can bump your overall knowledge on various subjects because most of the world articles and books are published in English? Reasons could be any in your case? My main reason of learning English was to watch English movies and to read books. To some extent, I have been quite successful in my endeavors. Taking a small baby step goes a long way. Imagine this picture/situation in your mind. Just place a bucket right underneath your water tap in the morning and come back have a look at it again in the evening. Some of the bucket will be filled with water because every drop of water counts. So, every small step counts towards learning a language. Consistency is the key to success.


Do what you like doing.It’s the most important thing in language learning.Because if you don’t enjoy you eventually drop it.Find an interesting content,learn and enjoy

Thank you everybody!

The question, maybe be: How can I enjoy studing english? I’m tired when I do english exercise; I like listening podcashes, but I don’t have much time. I thought lestening podcashes in bus, but it’s impossibel: bus is louder and full.

I love advice that I read here, LingQ: “listening, listening, listening, listening…”

How do you get it? And what kind of other thing do you use for enjoy with the english study?


Bernardo, aprender um idioma leva tempo, infelizmente. O que você tem que fazer é tornar o estudo uma prioridade e escolher materiais que sejam do seu interesse, sobre assuntos de que você gosta. Se o seu objetivo principal for ler, você tem que ler muito, se o objetivo for falar, você tem que falar sempre que possível e por aí vai.

Não precisa ser várias horas por dia. Você pode estudar 10 minutos agora, mais 20 à tarde, pega um tempinho no horário de almoço pra estudar uma lição, acha uns minutos para ler antes de dormir. É fácil encontrar o tempo quando há interesse.

A internet está cheia de materiais para aprender inglês. É a língua mais acessível para qualquer estudante de idiomas pela variedade de materiais e recursos. Escolha um curso ou dois e vá até o fim. Dê preferência a cursos com áudio e texto. O próprio Youtube tem muitas aulas e dicas de inglês, mas podcasts, youtube, LingQ são materiais adicionais, na minha opinião. Você tem que ter um curso principal para te guiar, que você possa estudar do começo ao fim para não ficar perdido, estudando uma coisa aqui e outra ali.

Como já aprendi inglês há muitos anos, não posso te indicar nenhum curso online bom porque não os conheço, mas dê uma pesquisada, converse com outros brasileiros que estão aprendendo e veja o que há de melhor por aí à disposição.


You asked about what kind of other things ( apart from listening ) we use for enjoy with the english study . My advice for you is to do what you like , I mean for example if you like sport, read about it or watch tv in english … just do what makes u happy ! It doesn’t matter what is it , when you like sth u will like it also in english ! You can raed articules and surf on the internet to find topics, in which you are interesed in.
And TRY to speak a lot in this language…it makes u to use english more fluency - everybody ( nowadays) learns englsih so u could try to talk with your friends or with ur girlfriend . Learning languages is necessary to communicate with other peaple, to find a good job etc. But it is a lot of fun :), (at least for me).
And what about watch original moovies in english ? Have you ever tried it ? If not, i think you shold try .

Good luck and have a lot of fun, cause english is really really cool :smiley: and remember : NEVER GIVE UP !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

help me a lot…

Change to an english speaking girlfriend who hates your L1.

Please, help me:)) I want to learn english language. Haw a can improve my language skills? :slight_smile: Thanks .

Please, help me:)) I want to learn English language. How can I improve my language skills? :slight_smile: Thanks .