How Can I Make a PDF Available to Download in LINGQ?

I’ve posted a course in Beginners Latin onto LINGQ.

As part of the course I’d like people to be able to download a PDF. This is a PDF I made of grammar tables containing the main noun and verb endings.

Can anyone recommend a simple way of setting up a PDF download from LINGQ?


At least you may upload the PDF somwhere else and put the link (as text) in the end of a lesson.

Thanks. Got that. I could add a Note in Resources with a link to an external site.

I’ve heard of sites where you can upload files for other people to download (Dropbox) etc. Are there any idiot-level ones I could use for a small PDF?. Excuse my ignorance here.

When you import a lesson, you have the possibility to add certain “resources”: Lesson Notes, Translations, Videos, Script Conversation, Exercices, Attachments. May-be it is possible to upload a PDF here. And then someone else could download it if he or she wants (select and copy) . You can also add something to existing lessons: when in a lesson, click on “menu” (upper left corner) and then on “edit”. Just try!

Thanks Ben. You are quite right. If you go into Resources - Attachments there is a “Choose File” option. I can upload my Latin_Grammar_Tables_ PDF here, and after the upload is complete it says on the screen: Currently: Latin_Grammar_Tables_PDF.

So far, so good. The PDF is now attached to the lesson.

But there’s no facility to download the attachment !

There is already a download facility in Lingq, the down arrow icon to download an MP3 audio file. The simplest thing to do would be to modify this Download Down Arrow so that it offered you a choice between MP3 Audio and Attachment. Probably about 2 hours development time, I should think.

However, Mark has been telling me for the last two years that there are no plans to make Lingq Attachments downloadable.

Hence my search for an alternative method on this forum.