How can I learn more then one language?


I am quite new here and I mainly want to learn Spanish, but it would also be cool to have to possiblitity to improve other language, like English or Italien. Is there any possibility that one can learn more then one language?

thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Feuerlilie,

Welcome to LingQ. You can learn as many languages as you like. Just click on the white triangle beside the language title in the top left corner of the site. This will show you the list of languages.

Hi Feuerlilie,
I learn English and Chinese here- it works perfectly. You can always switch between learning languages and get separated info about your progress.

wow, that was easy, hahaha thank you! I was looking for it somewhere in my profile, seems like I am completely blind. Thank you, it’s a really amazing page you have here.


Hallo Susi,

ich habe mal zusammengefasst, wo man überall Hilfe zu LingQ finden kann. Ich hoffe, die Aufstellung hilft Dir weiter :slight_smile:

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