How can I improve my handwriting?

Hey there,

my handwriting is atrocious xD

It looks bad when I´m writing at normal speed, but as soon as I´m in a hurry it´s hardly readable. A few months ago, I started learning Japanese (two “alphabets” plus 2000-4000 chinese characters) and I think that I´ll have to improve my handwriting…

Does anyone know tricks, or exercises or whatever to achieve that?

I have always had pretty bad handwriting… although the only time I felt bad about it is when I or someone else had to reread something I wrote. Maybe the only hint is to write while thinking “if I have to read this again in a month, how easy on the eyes will this be” and do what ever it takes.

In my case I just tried to keep the letters balanced and even. This means slowing down your writing which is quite uncomfortable at first. What I realised is that it is important to not analyse the content of your writing while writing… think of writing as a rather elaborate series of simple doodles. Also to get really beautiful calligraphy style handwriting you need to practise… but I do not have the time for this.

In general however I only handwrite for myself in my journal. All else including Chinese characters I do not see the point of writing by hand with the current software.

Could you perhaps try Sütterlin or Cyrillic as a way to practise and to slow you down a bit? Our must have been the last class in Schleswig-Holstein to learn the old script. I still find it useful to know it and it may be of help to you.

I sometimes use my other hand for Arabic, just to see how to better form the letters…

I don’t remember the last time I wrote something by hand. I type everything!

I enjoy writing things by hand. Mainly because I hate trees.

Paule: My handwriting is not bad but I don’t know if that’s because I took a calligraphy class years ago. Nowadays my handwriting is still a little bit sloppy (especially when I write in Japanese and encounter difficult kanji) but now it’s HUGE too I tend to have lots of notebooks for “artistic purposes”, man könnte sagen, dass ich auch Bäume hasse.

Paule89, this should help

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@Paule89 - I had to think of you today as my handwriting got crabbier and crabbier the faster I tried to write with a specific “Handwriting” felt-tip pen. Horrible. I know that when I write with my wonderful fountain pens - one at a time, clearly - my handwriting is much, much better, although perhaps somewhat slower.