How can I import an audiobook from Audible?


I would like to import a long book into Lingq. I have paid for it from Audible and am enjoying just listening to it. However, it is out of copyright now so it’s easy to find the full text online. It would be brilliant to import the text into Lingq (not a problem) and then add the audio from Audible and have the whole text in the form of Lingq lessons (for my own use) - ie text and sound aligned.

Has anyone done this before?
I’d really appreciate some pointers.


It’s really a lot more practical to use an external playback device for audiobooks while reading on LingQ. To upload, you’d need to turn it into an mp3, then you’d need to turn it into lesson chunks manually, and upload individually to each lesson – and when you’re done, you’d end up with a listening method that does not remember your play position etc.

It’s way better to use the Audible app on your iPhone or similar device. You can just listen along (use “Car Mode” for easy pausing) and if you need to re-read lessons, you can always just drop a book mark (clip mark) in the Audible app at the start of each lesson text.



Yes, I guess I’d rather use my limited time to be lingqing target than faffing with the tech.

Unless anyone has found an easy way?



I don’t think there is an easy way. I thought the same as t_harangi to be honest. It’s a lot of work and I don’t think you’re gonna have much benefit after all.

I don’t know if the new 5.0 version have improved something about the process though.

No easy way that I know of…the biggest problem is that the book lessons are usually broken up into chunks that don’t match real chapter breaks in the book. So you’d have to break up the recording oddly. In theory it shouldn’t be hard to create a full recording if you wanted. It just doesn’t seem like it would be practical and much better to use the audible app while reading in LingQ.

One note…in 5.0 version of app, it is downloading the full text to speech, so even where one doesn’t have the audio they’ll have that. In your case you do have the audio so it doesn’t necessarily apply, but maybe you might find there are times you don’t want to do the audible set up and just need something handy in one app. TTS isn’t as nice to listen to, although for some languages it’s getting much better.

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