How can I get some of the books already in the Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese?

In a Youtube video Steve said this should be relatively straightforward; take books from simplified, convert them to traditional by machine (this is actually not 100% faithful or 1 to 1 but I guess better than nothing) and upload them to the traditional book area, which so far appears to be empty.

Does anyone have any experience with this and can help me? Importing books seems to be one of the more advanced things I have not done, because of potential for copywright protections etc.

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I dont know anything about converting chinese characters but importing a book or any text file in most common formats is perfectly easy and takes about a couple of seconds. I am sure you have found out by know.

Hey thanks for the response, oh you’re from the CR, I hear you might be the second country on earth besides us to have gun rights, good for you! hehe Anyway, I have only copied text into a text box but I trust you that importing a text file is easy (I heard in a Lingosteve video that ebooks can be difficult sometimes, say like from kindle because there can be copyright stuff but I’ll work about that when it happens). What I’m trying to do though is take something that’s already on LingQ from one language, and transfer it to another language, do you think that’s possible? Specifically from simplified to traditional Chinese. I suppose after it gets there I can convert the characters, at least I have a Chrome extension which can more less do that.

You can copy the text out of the lesson, then translate it to traditional or whatever and then copy and paste the new translation into a new lesson.

What Steve was talking about wasn’t a problem with copyright, it was a problem with encryption. Most Kindle are encrypted and so you can’t import them unless you decrypt them with a program like Epubor or similar. I purchased Epubor just so I could import the books into LingQ and read them via the LingQ platform.

Copyright issues are what prevents you from legally sharing your imported material with other people on the platform. You need to keep the material private.

In the Czech Republic but not a citizen. I am actually here on Lingq to learn czech. I do buy mobi ebooks all the time and import them effortlessly into Lingq. I would suggest that you open the lesson of simplified chinese, click on full text, copyand paste it, do your conversion magic and save his in any format you like. Then you just click on the plus in the top right and import the new file into your traditional chinese courses.