How can I fix my streak?

I didn’t use Lingq one day and I want to fix my streak in German, they sent me an email to do it but when I click “fix streak” it doesn’t work. In the same way, on the main page or in my profile, nothing appears to repair the streak.

I hope your help!!

@Mohaa Your streak is active, all good!

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I also have a streak problem. I flew from China to US which was a 22 hour series of flights in total with no internet. Though I used the app off line during that time, it doesn’t seem to count that. I never received an option to “repair” my streak either. The streak was gone before I was asked to update my timezone so I don’t think it was related to that. What do I do?

@JeremyF2590 Please, check your streak. It should be repaired.

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