How can I find a person I want to look for

I want to find a person here in LingQ. Where can I insert her name?
She isn’t a tutor, only a member.

Klicke “Austausch” (mitten aufs Feld,nicht den Pfeil!)

oben rechts kommt ein Suchfeld.

Schreibe den Namen und klicke “suchen”

Achtung: nicht “erweiterte Suche” klicken.


I found ‘Irene777’ by putting that name in the member search section top right above my avatar on my profile page:) Easier than the exchange page!
For example, the search gave me 2 choices: one was you, and another was a Chinese person with your name in lowercase.

One of these days I will study the German language of my ancestors…:slight_smile: I am 7th generation Australian.


Danke, das war’s “NICHT auf den Pfeil”
Thanks, that was it, not to use the arrow!

Doch noch nicht ganz - da gibt es nur “erweiterte Suche”.

@Irene - As Julz611 says, just start typing into the search field above the rankings tables on the Exchange page. As you type, results are presented.

Now, it was working. Thanks for your help!