How can I downgrade my account to the free memmber?

I’m going to be away for a while without a chance to get to the internet so I would like to downgrade my account to the ‘free member’. How can I do that?
Thank’s in advance

Select the Free plan here:

What I don’t like is that (from what I know) it will cause deleting your imported lessons (or requires you to do so first), so that you would comply with the limit: not a friendly way to deal with customers, really!

I hope, there will be some less painful way to freeze an account in the future.

@eugrus - I’m not sure I quite understand your frustration with this. Upgraded users can import as many private lessons as they like, but Free users are limited 5 imported lessons. Downgrading to Free means that these users must remove imported lessons to fit within this limit of 5. However, we can’t arbitrarily remove all but 5 imported private lessons when a user downgrades, so we put this choice in the hands of the users.

For many sites, if you choose to downgrade, all your data is permanently removed.

I’ve got it now… the problem way i opened that page on my super old pc with old monitor and it wasnt shown correctly) Well Eugeniy, lingq is a comercial project, and a very good one, they don’t get dotations from the goverment… so nothing wrong with the fact that they want more people to become paid members

Hi. I’m not thinking about downgrading at all, but just to know: In case of downgrading what happens with all the lingQs you have so far created? Are they also “downgraded” to only 100 or that just applies to imported lessons?.
Thanks for your answer.

@sergey - Ah, that makes sense. I see this happens on lower resolution screens. We’re working on some updates now, but we’ll look at fixing this in the near future!

@Al3 - Just private imported lessons, the rest of your data is all kept indefinitely :slight_smile:

Ok thanks a lot Alex.

I didn’t realise you had to delete your lessons to downgrade (I thought you were just not allowed to add any more). So if someone has 1,000 private imported lessons, uses the site for many years, but then decides to take a year off language study, they are forced to manually delete all their lessons [and collections, which is the most time consuming as it doesn’t let you delete the whole collection in one go (from memory)!] in order to downgrade, or they have to cancel their account.

But they don’t have to delete anything else, such as their LingQs, right?

The fact is that content makes up the bulk of our storage requirements so we can’t store people’s lessons indefinitely. Most imported lessons are not looked at again once the user finishes with them. Yes, it is a pain to delete them when you have a lot. We are able to delete all imported lessons for you if you don’t feel like deleting them all yourself. Perhaps we should add a control so that the user can do that themselves. Some kind of staggered imported content deletion or holiday mode sounds like an over complication but making it easier to get under the limit is something we can look at.

Fair points. I suppose I didn’t really think of it as storage space, because the vast majority of my imported private content is text only, which I don’t think takes up a lot of space.

@mark - If a time comes when I need to do downgrade for a while, I’ll do my best to get rid of all the lessons myself, but I’ll probably send you a request to delete the collections, unless the website is changed to make it easier to do that.

Sorry to bump an old thread…

I’ve read a few threads and haven’t quite got an answer. I only need to get rid of Imported Lessons when downgrading to Free (super skint, moving house etc, I’LL BE BACK!) : Lingqs stay the same but my question about my known words. This too remains in suspended isolation?

Thank you everyone at Lingq, this site and the philosophy taught me more German in 6 months than anything else. I’m actually alarmed at what 6 months of occasional Lingqing can do. I will renew as soon as I’m not checking for money down the back of the couch. :slight_smile:

@omad The only stat that is affected by deleting an imported lesson is the imported lessons stat. Short of manually them, to lose known words I think you’d have to delete the language or the whole account.

@omad84 - Not to worry, all your Known Words will be preserved, and you can also continue adding Known Words with a Free account. However, you won’t have access to the premium features and won’t be able to add any LingQs beyond 100.

Thanks guys.