How can i delete my linqs?

I had 20 linqs and i have spent all of them. Is it posible to erase all records about my linqs and use them again?

and why i can’t remove Korean language?

Hi Arty,
LingQs limit is a hard limit, and even if you remove some of them, you won’be able to create new LingQs instead.
You can invite friends to increase your LingQs limit and if any of them upgrade you can earn points. Visit the invite page for more details - Login - LingQ . You can also like us on Facebook to receive 100 Free LingQs.

To remove Korean, head on the Settings Page, Languages tab (Login - LingQ) and click on “delete language” option.

Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Thanks it works now. I removed Korean.
So About lingqs, did i understood you correct? you recommend just create more accounts

@Arty78, if you create more accounts, you won’t be able to track which words you know or which LingQ’s to review, your statistics, tutoring, settings etc…
If you’re not ready to upgrade to premium yet, I suggest following one of the things Zoran suggested.


Creating more accounts will not solve your problem. What I suggested was that you should visit the Invite page (Login - LingQ) and you can invite your friends to register at LingQ through your referral link. You will get 100 Free LingQs for every friend which register.

I did understand that. I just said it not so clear. What i meant was create more accounts like they friends and get +100 lingq in my main account. Fastest and easiest way

Yeah. Absolutely. not just create new account. Thanks i visited invite page and then created new accout and got 100 lingqs. In the way of doing that i find out that its posible to get +100lingqs w/o visiting the Invite page but just by telling my main account in the register form as inviter.

As a paying member this feels like cheating to me. The point of inviting friends is to invite real friends, people who’d like to learn a language through LingQs system, not to create fake identities.

Exactly. Inviting of real friends will contribute to LingQ community! We do not support multi-accounting.

im awfully sorry that u have some bad feelings because of what i did. but listen, its not my fault. u knew what u wanted. u knew what u was paying for. and u get everything, all 100%, and maybe even more what u was paying for. I did not cutdown access to this service for u, so u keep geting whatever u get for ur money or even w/o money. there is no changes for u whatsoever. u r gonna get not less then it was before.
Ive been here long time. i managed to learn english becouse for this service but it was for free and now they r trying to make me pay which i was not agreed in the first place. i did not break the rules i did not lie i just was trying to find the way to keep getting what iva been getting before. If u have the facebook or u have shit load of money thats good for u and u found ur way. So whats wrong if i would find mine?

thats understandable. commercial project has to make money for its owner.but when it was for free i recommended to all my friends who was learning languages 3 web services and one of them was lingq and i swear to god thats true. and i did it not because i wanted make something from it or for it but because i believed that it was good, useful service. now i have real doubt about it. so if i recommended something which i doubt about (for personal gain) to my friend then my behavior would be called dishonest. or i would be called shity friend.
Dont u agree with that?

We have a limit for the amount of free LingQs someone can receive. We don’t allow someone to take advantage of the referral system.

Anyone who does try to “cheat”, will have their account closed as a result.