How can I delete my lessons?


I want to delete some lessons that I once opened, but I can’t find “delete” button.

Could you help me?

: )

I always appreciated about this LingQ system. It’s very helpful!
Thank you.

Take a look here: How Do I Remove A Lesson From My Self-Directed Course - L...

We have now added a delete link on the Lessons list.

I deleted a lesson and then tried to add the lesson again. It was still maked as “open” and when I clicked on it I got a page saying “404 - Not found”.

Thanks, Julia. We’ll get that fixed.

Hello, I have the same problem that Julia has. I really would like to open some articles that I deleted some day. I trust in you Mark, Thank you for this very useful site.

We just uploaded that fix about 20 minutes ago! You can now open deleted articles again. Thanks for your trust Alex. :slight_smile: