How can I connect my lingq-profil with my smartphone?

How can I connect my lingq-profil with my smartphone?

When I try to log in I failed.
When I try to create an account with my old settings, I can´t because they name have to be unique.

Please help.

Hi Jo7840,
You should be able to access your account on your smartphone using your username and password. Note that both username and password are case-sensitive. Please try again and let us know if you still have the problem to access your account.
We do also have LingQ app available for both Android and iOS devices.

Thank you for your answer.
Itry it since one week.
mean “case-sensitive” that i important if the letter big or small?

Exactly! You’ll need to make sure that you are using correct combination of big/small letters.

Okay, I´m sure that I writhe it in the right way.
What can I do now?

Are you trying to login to LingQ website version or to LingQ app on your smartphone?
If you are able to access the website, then you should be able to login on your smartphone without any problem.
If you are still unable to login, please contact us on support(at) and we can try to manually reset your password.