How can I click on a word or phrase to see the translation without it making that word into a linq?

I really want to use this software as I like Steve’s method, and from what I understand this seems like good software. I’m having a terrible time trying to figure out how to use it though. On the iPad I couldn’t go to the second page. Even as the audio kept reading, swiping to the side to try and see the next page marked the entire lesson as complete and it disappeared from the feed. Also, if I see a word and want to see the translation I have to click the word. That automatically makes it a linq though. I don’t want to make it a linq, I just want to see the translation to see if what I thought it was is correct.

Also, since I accidentally made all these lessons complete and marked all these words known trying to figure out how the software works, how do I undo all that stuff so I can start over?

Finally, is there a way to adjust the font that the chinese lessons are displayed in. The font looks like it’s bolded, so it can be difficult on some of the characters to see and understand what they are because it becomes just a blob un indistinguishable lines because they are so thick and close together.

Try to play with the settings.

Hi @Jhorra,
After you open a lesson, click on the settings button on the top right, and there under Reader Settings you can control the following options:

  • Paging moves to know
  • Auto LingQs creation
  • Auto Text-to-speech
  • Review LingQs when paging
    Under the same settings you can also change the font style as well as font size.

You can access these settings from the home page too. Hope this helps!

Thank you, I’ll take a look. Do I have to change the settings separately for the iPad app and the website?

Yes, they are independent, as far as I know.

Those settings are kept in your browser’s cookies, so they are independent from device to device, and from browser to browser. This is a pet peeve of mine, but though I’d really like that changed, it’s far from a show-stopper.