How can I clean up the crowded main page?

The main page is jammed full of countless lessons, courses, whatever. I only want to see the e-Books I’ve downloaded, but they are hard to find buried in with so much stuff that Lingq puts up front. How can I delete all that stuff?


You’re supposed to be able to change the shelves you see in the settings tab. That doesn’t work for me though.

So either that works for you, or you can’t clean it up

No clue what that means.

Hi tparillo,

To see your own imports you can filter by My Imports in the search page. You can’t remove every single shelf in the Library page.


Would be nice to be able to rearrange it a bit. I just want my news feed higher

That sort of helps find things (though it’s still difficult). How do I set it up so that the things I imported (e-books) are on top? All the other 15 or so categories of content from Lingq can be there, I just want all that out of the way below so it doesn’t clutter up my access to the books I read. I never use Lingq’s content.

it means that you can’t .

It would be great to hide already used courses. Why should I always see the beginners lessons on the top? I don’t need them anymore.


LOL. Wow, the basic core of the reader is really elegant. But the rest, it’s just, uh, messy and not geared toward organized efficiency at all. Pity. Sometimes I have just a few minutes, figure I’ll read a few pages, but it takes too long to figure out where my materials are and where I left off. Disappointing.

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lol, I agree with you though