How can I be less literal?

Hello all,

So, occasionally I open up the odd news article from “god know where” and I come up with a myriad of different word constructions; used in many different ways;

I remember Steve saying about “how to let words wash over you” but I can’t help feel i’m being too literal, especially in the translation process.

Saying this, this is something I am trying to do less of. I only translate as a means to “reflect back the meaning of the TL in and of itself”. It’s strange, and a little odd, but I want to follow this up later with a more detailed response.

There’s so much I want to say about “what I don’t understand” or “how can I understand better”, but these of course are “generalisations.”

I suppose the question for now is “How can I be less literal in the sense of not using a native translation to understand the TL more fluently; as shown in the picture above.”