How can I add Latin Spanish sound to my imported text of Mexican Fables for kids?

Forgive me if this is a simple question that “everyone here knows”. I have only just started to use LingQ regularly, although it seems that I joined it, and didn’t use it, several years ago.

I am in the frustrating process of trying to move from Intermediate to Advanced level in latino-español.

I learned my other (but largely forgotten) second language in 5 years, mostly from stories delivered with audio plus written words and from speaking to native speakers on a regular basis - everyday for the 8 months I lived in the country. That method worked.

Unfortunately, trying to self-learn Mexican Spanish in the USA, plus a couple of short trips to language schools in Mexico, has been far more difficult. I believe that this is largely due to the emphasis that American and Mexican-based material on just about every method BUT using comprehensible verbal input delivered in a neutral and local accent together with written captions.

I am now in my 20th year of trying to learn Mexican Spanish. I am still unable to read comfortably beyond Intermediate level, although I can manage Advanced material in my areas of professional competence. I cannot write fast and need to spend a lot of time re-reading and polishing material that I commit to writing. Understanding everyday spoken language at normal speed is still very difficult, although that has improved over the last month since I found a (rather cumbersome) way to stop and start television and YouTube programs that are delivered in neutral Latino-american Spanish and that have Closed Captions in Spanish. I am a looooong way from being able to hold a fluent conversation with a native speaker, even in simple topics.

I have recently returned to Italki and engaged my third Mexican conversation tutor. (The other two were also good, but I wanted to broaden my experience). I have discovered that this method helps more than intercambio language exchanges where I simply jam up and feel so frustrated and uncomfortable that I rarely return for more.

I have discovered that I advance fastest when I have access to stories that combine both text and sound.
I NEED to find ways in LingQ of adding a natural sounding Latino Spanish soundtrack in a relatively neutral Latino American accent (like Mexican or Colombian) to stories and news articles written in Latino Spanish.

Suggestions, please.

Hi, LaRosita!

  1. Within LingQ, you can change the voice of the AudioReader from European Spanish to Latin American accent:
  • On the LingQ main screen, click the gear symbol
  • Select the option reader configuration
  • Choose the adequate Spanish accent in text to speech (the option at the end of the page)
  1. “natural sounding Latino Spanish soundtrack in a relatively neutral Latino American accent (like Mexican or Colombian) to stories and news article”
  1. “imported text of Mexican Fables for kids”
  • Option 1 (you have an audio file): You can import text files (PDF, epub, etc.) into LingQ via the + symbol and then add the corresponding MP3 files (from Audible, Youtube, etc.) to your text (via + symbol - import lesson - load audio). See: How to import and study books on LingQ
  • Option 2 (you don’t have an audio file): If you don’t have the audio for your text file, you could use a free “text-to-speech” online converter like You just have to make sure they have a Latin American voice available.
  • Note: The limit for the length of the audio file you can upload to LingQ is 20 MB. So if your audio file is larger than 20 MB, you need to split it into smaller parts.

Hope that helps / good luck

Thanks, Peter. I think that about covers it! Much appreciated.

I eventually found the voice button (the left-most button at the top that has a single vertical stripe on it. I also found the gear button and changed the accent to Latin American. It’s a pity there is no way to change the speed.

I will check out the other links later.

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I think add that audio directly to those mp3 files at You can overlap or graft behind is also very reasonable

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