How can I access the old "Flashcards" application?

Before the recent changes were made to “Flashcards” page and application, I could access Flashcards with my PDA by the use of Opera browser on Windows Mobile 6. But now Opera Mobile is unable to display the redesigned Flashcards page. How can I access the old, green “Flashcards” page with my PDA? Maybe I should enter another link? I found it very convenient to me to review my LingQs through the lunch break. It was a good way to distract myself from work, and I need to say that reviewing flashcards in the middle of the is more effective than doing it after work, when I am usually too tired. Unfortunately, computers at my company are not connected to the internet. Do I really need to buy a heavy full-size laptop and have it with me all the day? Or maybe there is a software solution which I don’t know?

… in the middle of the day is more effective…

@Dmitry_DA - I’m sorry the flashcards are no longer working for you. We do have an update coming in the next few days which will hopefully improve things for you. However, we don’t necessarily test on Opera. There is no other way to access the old flashcards either, unfortunately. If you have an ipod touch, we do have an iphone app for your LingQ flashcards with more functionality coming soon.

I already have a mobile device, and I’m not planning to change it to iPod Touch. It fully satisfies me except this case with LingQ flashcards application. I’m interested in a solution for Windows Mobile. I guess I have that problem because Opera Mobile doesn’t support (?) Flash and pop-up windows. Maybe I should choose another browser but I don’t know which one can help me.

Well, see if it’s any better after our update later this week.

OK, I’ll try. Looking forward to it. And I’m also waiting for the next release of Opera Mobile.

At first I used to click on the Flashcards button on the welcome page, and Opera Mobile was showing me nothing (a blank page). But today I feel closer to the solution because I’ve tried to enter into Opera the exact URL “Login - LingQ”. This direct link works fine from my PC, but in Opera Mobile I saw a window of the flashcard application with no flashcards but the message “No flashcards to display”. Still doesn’t work, but better than blank screen, though.

I realise that Opera is not in the list of browsers recommended for LingQ, but there is no official Firefox release for Windows Mobile, and so about Google Chrome. Internet Explorer Mobile is unable to display even the welcome page of LingQ.