How can I access overlapping LingQs?

Usually I use the arrow keys to go to the next LingQ in a text. When I create overlapping LingQs (for example the LingQ “voter turnout” and a couple of days later “low voter turnout”) then it does not seem to be possible to access the shorter LingQ (voter turnout) in the text anymore. Even if I select the two words “voter turnout”, it is not possible to access my created LingQ (I think it worked in the past). Instead it looks like the LingQ doesn’t exist yet and must be created newly. So my question is: How can I easily access a LingQ that is overlapped by another one? The arrow-key-solution would be the best.

On android I’ve just kept clicking in the past and it will eventually pop up (not sure about the other environments). Also, if I’m remembering correctly, if you click on one (it might just be the shorter or the singular word), in the popup towards the bottom there’s a “related phrases” section. I’ve seen here where it may have various phrases that are just one word off, so maybe you might find the other here?

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Thank you for your answer. I usually use the chrome web browser on my desktop computer. It seems to be difficult to access a two-word LingQ within a three-word LingQ. I remember that it worked sometimes in the past.

Thanks for reporting this, we will look into it.