How can I access my 'LingQ of the day' list directly from site?

I find the ‘LingQ of the day’ emails very useful for me. But can I access this feature directly from LingQ site instead of opening my email every time?

I know about ‘Flashcards’ link which I can find on home or vocabulary page, but it uses a different algorithm, and the list does not contain LingQs marked as known while I prefer to review these LingQs in some amount. The next issue is that ‘Flashcards’ link gives me only 25 cards, and I cannot increase this amount (to 30 or 35, as I would like and as I see in my ‘LingQ of the day’ email). Is any customization available or will it be available soon?

Hi Dmitry,

There is no way to access your LingQs of the Day from the site. This list of vocabulary is generated each day and emailed only. To flashcard more than 25 LingQs, go to the Vocabulary page where you can display up to 100 LingQs at a time and flashcard whichever LingQs you want.

Thanks Mark!

Displaying more than 25 LingQs on the Vocabulary page and checking these I most need to learn works fine. I didn’t notice that I was able not only to display more than 25 LingQs but also to flashcard all selected. I thought by mistake I could flashcard only first 25 of them. Now I’ve tried, and it works!