How best to make use of audio lessons?

In an email from Lingq, I was recently recommended the playlist “Browser Ballet - Flucht / Migration / Rassismus”. It seems to be audio-only, and has no text at all. Am I missing something?

There is a column on the playlist titled “Word Status”, and it shows for example 63 blue and 26 yellow words. I have no idea what this means, especially since there seems to be no associated text with the episode.

Audio content is certainly an important part of language learning, and I tend to consume podcasts and videos for that. But I don’t quite see how audio-only it fits in with with Lingq. How am I supposed to create lingqs for vocabulary from audio lessons? I don’t really think it’s practical to stop a lesson, guess at a spelling, and then manually create a vocabulary entry.

Perhaps I’m missing something big here, so I appreciate any guidance on this.