How are you?

How are you all? How was your day?
Just wondering :smiley: We can talk about anything in this forum anyway right?


Hi, how are you? Have you used Omegle? That is a scary place, but sometimes I can practice languages there. I wish we had a live chatroom for languages here.

I noticed that Dutch was “top of the list” back in August of 2008 (post by Steve), but we still don’t have it here. If Dutch speakers contribute translations of “Eating Out” etc., they can earn points. Does this
translation project interest you? Maybe other Dutch speakers could help you…I only mention this because I thought that you showed interest in translating in another thread.

I’m ok, a little sick. Yeah, I’ve used it… it’s better than chatroulette but still not really great. I met 2 people on there who I still talk to though. But it is definitely a scary place haha. It’s too anonymous… I go on irc a lot, which, depending on the network and channels (chatrooms) you go to, is a little less scary and usually fun, the people I talk to are all around my age. I practice Spanish there sometimes… I’ve tried French too but they all use so much slang and abbreviations! I could hardly understand anything, and when I asked them for the meaning of some things or said some things in English, all they said was French only, go away, don’t go here if you can’t speak French… Oh and I know a lot of people there who speak German but I’m a little scared to speak German to them cause I talk to them in English too and they all speak English so well, and my German is horrible. A chatroom here would be great! I also started this thread just to chat a little about random things, it’s not very important for me because I already chat in English A LOT. But it could be useful for other people.

And yes, I am interested in that! I think if I feel better tomorrow (but not good enough to get out of bed and do important things :o) I’ll start on it. Plus I might want to be a translator someday… and it wouldn’t hurt to have some experience.

I translated all of greetings and goodbyes and eating out… and I messed up the table and then accidentally clicked something… and now all of the document, everything I did, is gone…

Yeah, definitely Omegle can be scary sometimes, depending on what is the person who is chatting with you. Anyway, from time to time you can come across with fun/interesting conversations. It only depends on how lucky you are!

By the way, I haven’t tried chatroulette, maybe someday I will give it a try.

psychodelica: great job…what a pity that the translated lessons are gone…but you have alrady translated them, so it would not be so difficult to do it again since you even remember them, dont give it up :wink: I have read some comments that you did not want to record any podcasts because of your voice…so I hope that you have already chenged your opinion :wink: because it must be even recorded, not only written :wink:

What IRC chatrooms speak German? I’d be interested in something like that.

I know only SharedTalk, there are some chatrooms, you can chat online with other members. I dont know any other chatrooms.

everything is good

I’m okay, just a little nervous about going to college for the first time, especially since it will be the first time I’ve ever driven outside of my small town of about 18,000 people.

I hope I don’t crash or get rear-ended. I’ve never driven 70 MPH (113 KM) before. O.O;;;

Hi everyone:)

TheDoctor - Haha, I won’t give up, I translated everything again and I’m at who is she 11 :smiley: I still hate my voice, but I think I’ll just do it, what does it matter?

commasplice - Well, I only know one that’s supposed to be German only… #germany on Rizon (rizon is the only network I’m on…). I never really go to #germany though… My friend Denim from Austria has a channel too, #denim, and they often speak German there, but it’s usually pretty quiet there… And in my channel #slumber-party people can speak all the languages they want but it’s always English, and sometimes Dutch. (lol advertising :D) Well if you ever go there, my nick is Lis.

brittmarief - Glad to hear everything is good :slight_smile:

Kittymutt - Wow, college for the first time, exciting! I’m sure everything will be fine :smiley: If you’d live here, you would have to drive 120km/h, and if you would encounter people like my dad, they would crash into you driving 140, haha. I’m nervous about going back to school september 1… just high school haha… Last year I already went to another school/city, because I moved, I used to live in a small town too, and now this year I’m going to be in another class again… And I’m so bad at making friends, I didn’t really make any this year :confused:

Rosedan - Hi!

Wooo it’s fun to answer everyone :smiley: Sorry, I’m just in a really good mood, as you can see from the excessive amount of ‘:D’! :smiley: