How are listening hours calculated?

Just wondering, what counts as listening hours? Does listening to the same audio over and over in the Mini-Lessons count? Where else are listening hours calculated from?

Yes, all listening you do on the web or mobile apps is tracked and recorded every time lesson audio finishes. This happens both in the lessons and when you listen using your Playlist.

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Is this new behaviour?

LingQ always recorded my listening on a per-minute basis before, so that if I listened to the first half of an hour long podcast and never listened to it again, that thirty minutes that I spent listening was tracked too and not wasted.

Today I listened to the first forty minutes of an hour long podcast only to find I had no listening time logged from it… (and yes, I turned my device off and on again to double check :wink:

I did some experimentation and found that if I listened to only the last couple minutes of a fourteen minute podcast, the whole fourteen minutes was logged on my listening time for the day. Isn’t that incorrect? I didn’t listen to the whole fourteen minute podcast today.

I like keeping very accurate stats so that I know where I’m at, and this new behaviour means that I will need to constantly be aware of audio that I don’t finish and log the time for those audios manually. Sort of a bummer, I liked the previous behaviour better, IMHO.

No, it has always worked this way. The listening counter tracks how many times you have listened to the lesson. This increases by one when you reach the end of a lesson. If you want accurate tracking, you either have to make sure to listen to the end or restart from the same location the next time you start listening. This happens automatically (your position is remembered) on the iOS app and will be added to the Android app as well in a future release.

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Damn, okay, must be some sort of Mandela effect. Or maybe because I am only now starting to listen to things longer than ten or twenty mins, I actually notice the difference when I don’t finish a big lesson lol.

Thank you very much for taking the time to explain all of this!