How about Thai?

I would like to use LingQ to study Thai. Is this possible, and if not, what will it take to make it possible?

Assuming LingQ’s stance hasn’t changed, you can find out with some work.

Test the script. Import some text into an unused language slot, spend some time lingqing terms, and see if there are any problems.

My guess is that the Thai script will have issues like other languages with similar scripts do. If it is in this category, then there is little hope. It would require a major change, which LingQ is unwilling to allocate any resourses toward any time soon.

If it does work though, then get people to vote on Facebook. 1000 votes on the Facebook poll would make a difference for languages like Romanian, whose script is compatible.

@ Wulfgar :
The only way to create LingQs it is to separate words and keep them separated.

Example :
ผมไปทำงาน becomes on LingQ (and Learning With Texts) : ผม ไป ทำ งาน / ผม ไป ทำงาน (depending on how you want to make the separation).

The problem is that, if you want to go back to the original text (ผมไปทำงาน), all the individual LingQs disappear and the whole sentence becomes 1 blue word again.

Thanks Imy, I will try again. :slight_smile:

Seems like my last post didn’t take. What if I’m willing to provide content? Will LingQ be willing to do the necessary program in that case?

@Wulfgar - If there are enough learners then we can take a closer look at it, but until then we’re taking a more conservative approach with regard to adding support for new languages. Many languages have special quirks about them, and fully supporting these languages can actually be a lot of work, so for now we want to spend that time making it better for the whole of LingQ.

@Wulfgar: this is the beta language poll on Facebook: When a language reaches 1,000 votes there, they will add it. You can start campaigning for Thai.

Can you confirm, alex - all I have to do is get 1000 votes, and you will add Thai, regardless of the difficulty of implementing? Because I have a shot at getting 1000 votes. I sure as hell can’t guarantee 1000 users though; 10 is probably more realistic. But like I said, I can provide lots of content.

@Wulfgar - If Thai receives 1000 votes we will add it as a beta language. As with all other beta languages, they will be provided as-is. Essentially, Thai will work as it does now, but you will be able to interact with other Thai learners and speakers and share content through the Library. If a beta language shows enough potential, we will look at adding it as a fully supported language.

Ah, that makes more sense. So again, what would it take to get you to fully implement it? I’d rather do it here than build another site. Feel free to pm me if you don’t want make financials public.

Making languages fully supported involves a significant investment in programming if the language has special requirements which Thai does. In addition, we would have to create our beginner courses for that language in addition to any content you can generate. Therefore, that investment is likely to be more than you are going to be able to send our way in paying members. We would love to be able to support all languages but we have to invest our limited resources in the languages that represent the greatest potential for return. Unfortunately, none of the Beta languages or potential new languages fit that profile at the moment.

Thai is on it’s way to becoming a beta language, with 538 votes as of now. Please vote for Thai here: