How about Georgian for the COVID19 Isolation

Hey Zoran.

Any news on Georgian? I would like to get into it, and I think there couldn’t be a better moment for release considering we all have at least a little bit more time on our hands.

Any word, Zoran?

Thanks for your hard work all of you as always.


I’ve got საქართველო ჩემი აზრით

I know - we have been waiting around 4-5 months since it was announced it would be here soon.

The latest that I heard of was that adding languages have been put on hold due to the development of Lingq 5.0. Mark, Steve’s son mentioned it in a stream today but he didn’t want to give any exact timeline.

LingQ Language Gathering - YouTube

I can’t remember at what point he mentions it.

I did hoped too that Georgian will be available sooner, especially since content for it is ready for a while and it’s on pending status for some time now.
However due to huge amount of work we need to spend on our update to LingQ 5.0 version, we had no to much time for other stuff, like adding new languages.

I will check again now to see when we expect to have it added, and if we can’t do it now, as soon as we launch 5.0 I will chase our developers to add Georgian right after.


Thanks, Zoran. No problem. I know there is a lot going on at Lingq right now. Just thought I’d check on it. If you have any more news on a release I’d be grateful to hear it. Hope all the Lingq team are safe and working from home during this worrying time. Nick.