How "a", "Shift+t", "Shift+f" keyboard shortcuts must work?

Do they even work? And how they should work

SHIFT + T - it works in the Sentence Mode only. If you tap on that keyboard shortcut, you will show the translation for displayed word. It’s a shortcut for the “Translate Sentence” button in the Sentence mode.

A - Also works in the Sentence mode, and will play the audio for a displayed sentence.

SHIFT + F - this one works too and if you select a translation, with this shortcut you will flag it as incorrect.

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Hello. Thank you for the answer. And i would like to mention about “+” button also. It really doesn`t work without pressing on the Shift. This is how it should work? And one another thing,

  • when you click on “-” it does not stop working, and it jumps from the minimum text size to the maximum, the same story with the “+”
  • and - for increasing/decreasing the font size works perfectly fine for me. No need to use Shift. Can’t reproduce the issue on my end.
    Which browser are you using?

Hello. Yandex (64-bit). But, i am afraid it doesn’t depend from browser - i’ve checked Yandex, Firefox, Chrome - the same, + doesn’t work without Shift. Сan it depend on whether the application is paid or free? Thank you for your answers

So if you tap Shift/+ or Shift/- it works properly and font size increase/decrease?

No, - works without Shift, but + doesn’t, it works only when pressing Shift

Ok, thanks. Weird, works fine on my end without Shift. But I’ll look into it.

Hello zoran
If it works correctly on your side, can u give the next info - i will try to solve the issue on my own

  1. Type of OS
  2. What browser
  3. Digital keyboard (numbers on the right side) or above letters

Thank you!

I am using Windows 10, Chrome browser. Mostly using numbers on the right, but works for me in both cases.

Arrow keys to move, e on a blue word work and then a popup or someother reason means arrow keys won’t move on to the next sentence. SOmetimes number keys don’t assign it a number. The tick shouldequate to number 5. Disappointing on a PC (Win 10, Firedox).