Hover vs click

I would really love it if we could hover on words that are yellow for a quick view of what the word means rather than having to click in, read the definition, and then close the window. Hovering yellow words would make reading (and reminding myself of words I don’t have memorized) a smoother experience.

The blue words, clicking to see all the information and assign the definition makes sense.

Yellow hover should just show the definition we chose, and a yellow click would allow the same click options as a blue click to make changes.



Yes! That is a great idea!

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Are you using the Extended Sidebar feature? It’s on the top right corner of the (reader) screen in lessons, at least in the browser version. It’s still not hovering, but it cuts the clicking rate by half since you don’t need to close the window.

Having this feature on-hover in the future would make things even better I reckon.

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We used the have hover feature available while ago. At the moment, there are no plans to bring it back, but who knows.

Yea I turned it on but that hover would make my day. :frowning:

I would love if it could be bumped back up on the reconsider pile… please