Hours listened error

I fell asleep listening to my playlist. When I woke up the next morning, my stats showed over 100 hours of listening FOR THAT SINGLE SESSION. Is there a way I can clear that?

You can just enter a negative number and it will adjust your statistics accordingly.

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Sherry, please feel free to continue sharing the details of your language journey with the community. I enjoyed some of your posts in the past about CI and natural language acquisition. Have you recently added any new languages to your répertoire? Any new approaches?

Thank you! I have started compiling SLA research articles of interest and reading more books on language acquisition. I run a Facebook group that is mostly a collection of CI people. I just passed 1M words in reading in LIngQ in Spanish. I’m getting there in French.I’m thinking of starting Italian soon. My next “test” as I am preparing to speak is to read aloud a graded reader far below my level and get my language partner to engage me in conversation.

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