Hotkeys/ Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi all!

I can’t seem to find the hotkeys list, could someone please share that with me?

I’m also curious: what do you use for keyboard shortcuts on LingQ, and do you make any modifications to your setup?

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You can jump between not fully known words (yellow or blue) with the left/right arrow keys. Exceeding the last word on a page will switch to next page. The number keys can be used to assign the currently selected suggested translation if none is already there and set/change the known status to the according number. You can change the selected suggested translation using up and down arrow keys. F opens you favourite dictionary searching for the word currently selected and s let’s the tts system read the selected word for you. Space can be used to pause/unpause the audio playback (if there is some). K marks a selected word known, x deletes the saved translation.

Those are the ones I know of.


AFAIK LingQ Keybinds cannot be changed natively.

You can access all set binds here

You could check out Rooster Hotkeys free extension here to modify these bindings and add some new ones.

In terms of what people are using, no clue. Some nice keyboard setups would be good to see.

INSTALL Rooster Hotkeys Free