Host families in the United Kingdom


Maybe someone knows some site like I am looking for a sites, where you can find people, whose host you for a week or less and there u live for free, but I dont care that people host guest for free ( of course money is important thing to me), but most importantly is that there you can communicate with people, improve your english, meet new people and maybe make new friends, thats the most important to me… So I will go to England this summer and I am looking host people in England, maybe someone knows some site like I explain? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

thanks you very much :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:

Labas, Tautvydai!
I have been a member of CouchSurfing for some time and I really enjoy meeting foreign people, hosting them in Italy and staying with them when I travel. I was in your country in June and stayed with some different people including a family (dad, mum and child) and a girl with her mum.
On there are many language-exchange groups, including one called “Language teaching for long-term accomodation” where people willing to learn a language offer to host potential teachers for at least one week. You should definitely try it!
Viso gero,