Horror Russian stories boo:-)

BOO:-) :slight_smile: I’d like to ask if some knows about scary stories in Russian language:-) I havent found this kind of material on lingQ so I’d like to import some material:-) this would make me focus:-) if anyone knows how to get this material please, please let me know:-)

I’m also interested as well. Would be nice if someone could make some lessons on it!

I asked some Russian friends of mine and if Theyll find anything Ill let you know:) Im searching with this words Страшные истории на ночь субтитры :D:D so I hope I`ll find some good horror stories;)

Would be great! :slight_smile:

If you want a horror story in Russian, buy a grammar book.


I have one, for finnish speakers…

Hahaha:) yeah Russian grammar:) But otherwise Ive found few horror stories:) if you type on youtube [СТРАШНЫЕ ИСТОРИИ] Чат с Убийцей... (it is 5.21 min long) is one of this stories that I found:) for me this guy have great voice and because my Russian is not that good yet I also need rus subs:) if someone also need subs you can type on google [СТРАШНЫЕ ИСТОРИИ] Чат с Убийцей... and you can also get that:) Id like to put you link for both:) but as I know its now allowed:( you know copyrights;)

WOW, very nice question, I’m so curious about Russian histories!

Waiting for someone share it with us!

Among other places, you can download horror stories and thrillers e-books in Russian from here: leeet.net - This website is for sale! - leeet Resources and Information.

Almost all of them are translations. Thrillers are not as popular a reading as fiction among Russians, I guess that’s why it is so hard to find an authentic Russian horror story.

Good site:) But I cant find button for downloads:) So Id appreciate a little help:)

Well, I guess they do not keep the e-books on their site for copyright reasons, so instead they present the contents as links to external resources. Just open the title you want to download, select a file format suitable for your e-reader (icons are at the right, just below the annotation). Then follow the chain of links until the file is downloaded.

And to be on the safe side, you can use an online library that has stricter copyright policy. The titles may be quite old. Besides, there are usually some limitations (see below):

Детективы и Триллеры: скачать бесплатно все книги жанра "Детективы и Триллеры" на "А" - not all titles are available in full, some are fragments that urge you to buy the book.

big-library.info - almost all books are in RTF format inside a ZIP archive - this may be inconvenient. Not all e-readers handle RTF format, so you may need a converter program (like e.g. Calibre: http://calibre-ebook.com/ ).

http://lib.aldebaran.ru/ - this one offers links to download free titles. Alternatively, you can read online and even buy a paper book online. Yet, they do not have a dedicated section for horror stories and thrillers. Site navigation is also far from being convenient.

And finally, the oldest, the biggest, and the ugliest of all: Moshkov’s library, http://www.lib.ru/
It is hundreds of thousands of titles, all of which are guaranteed to be free to read (the site is supported by Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications). But this library is almost impossible to navigate through. Besides, most titles are available only for reading online (though you can copy-and-paste the text into your favorite text editor as you wish). And of course, it has no section for thrillers.


Thanks:) Im gonna check all this links:) and maybe you know for some material where I can get also audio materials? Because for me in that phase is very important to have both:) for example in english we can borrow books from library and then we can find the same audiobooks on youtube:) for example Roald Dahl books:) Id prefere horror books but as you said this kind of genres is difficult to get:)

@Gonobitz - I do not know if there are any horror Russian audiobooks on youtube. I usually download MP3 files from bittorrent network and listen to them on my player.
Here are some resources I use:

http://kinozal.tv - Although this tracker mostly has video content, there are lots of audiobooks. Registration is easy (and of course free), and once you are registered on the tracker, you can search for the audiobook you like (they have a special filter for audiobooks there).

http://rutracker.org/forum/index.php - perhaps one of the oldest trackers (ex torrents.ru). Registration is surprisingly hard (or it had been some years ago), but once registered, you can find a dedicated section for fiction and horror audiobooks: http://rutracker.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=2389

Thanks:) Ill try and Im sure therell be something for me:) and Ive found few horror stories in you tube I typed Страшные истории на ночь and I got audio material, then I typed the same on google and Ive got text but this material was quite short about 12 min:) So I`ll try with registration even though if gonna be a lit bit more complicated :slight_smile: and really for useful sides;)