Homescreen widgets on iPadOS broken/gone

Since a few days the LingQ widgets you can put on your iPad homescreen are broken/gone.

I have three widgets with the three languages I’m learning and all are white boxes without any content now. I tried the usual “remove and re-add them” but when I go into the widget menu there are no entries for LingQ anymore. Even when I’m using the search and enter “lingq” there is nothing listed.

On my iPhone the widgets still work and LingQ is still found in the widget search.

I’m using the latest app version of LingQ and the latest version of iOS/iPadOS 16. Devices are an 11" iPad Pro from 2021 and an iPhone 13 Max Pro.

Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the problem.

I don’t think it’s necessary anymore. When I came home an hour ago I tried it on an older iPad with the same iPadOS version and everything worked normally.

I than rebooted the iPad with the problem and after the reboot the widgets looked normal again and when I searched within the widgets LingQ was found again.

So it’s most likely just a bug in iPadOS 16.