Homepage is a mess of content that makes it hard to find imported books

I really like using the app once I get inside the book I want to read, but the home page is a total and complete mess. Instead of taking me straight to the content that I’ve imported (and therefore value) I have to wade through shelf after shelf of recommended content. I need something to just get to me ebooks–a shelf at the very top where just my imported books appear or books that I selected to be there, or a tab at the bottom that only show’s me material that I have personally imported and emphasizes that material that hasn’t been read.


I agree. The Home page is very cluttered once you have developed your own strategy for using LinkQ. There should be a way to enable just the content categories you want to see and disable the rest. I rely more on things I intentionally import. I don’t care about content from youtube vloggers or children’s books. I’m here because I found most of the other content to be unsatisfactory for me and I don’t need it here.


I totally agree. Too messy, too much stuff, I don’t have any interest in. It is quite nice to be able to browse through recommended contet, but I would also like to see my favorite content on first sight.

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Under Settings → App Settings → General → Preferred Topics, you can disable any categories you don’t want to see.

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unless I’m missing something that’s not really true. I have 4 categories enabled and my homepage shows (everything with an asterix is what I haven’t selected and don’t really need:
continue studying,
*getting started
*guided courses
*what’s new

  • mini stories
    *news feed
    *war in ukraine
    *netflix in french
  • a thousand other things but I give up listing them

now especially, getting started, kids, mini stories, are things that would be good to disable. All the rest of course as well…

Thank you and rhess for the responses.

I think we might have some confusion here. I have DISabled all topics on the Preferred Topics list in Settings. My Home page shows:
Continue Studying
What’s New
Mini Stories
News Feed

I only want the first one: Continue Studying. I don’t find any of the others useful to me. I don’t see any change in that page whatsoever when I enable/disable Preferred Topics in Settings. I can’t see that those check boxes do anything.

What I would like to see is:
Continue Studying
Imports (the ones I find)

Is there any way to do that?

Hmm interesting. I’ve never really messed with that setting before, so I wonder if either it has some issues or doesn’t work how I think it should. I was under the impression that unchecking a preference would completely remove it from the home page. Just to see, I also unchecked every preference and my home page didn’t change - all of the shelves are still there.

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You can find your imports easily under the Continue Studying shelf. All your imports are listed there.
Just click on the View All option for the Continue Studying shelf, then you can change sort by to Newly Imported to list your imports at the top.


It used to work that way. I wish it still did. But in this newer version of LingQ, I too have been dismayed that it is not possible to “turn off” the shelves you don’t want to see.


I understand that. But with the present setup, everything that I generate and study is jammed onto that one shelf while my Home page is wasted with many relatively static shelves I cannot use. And as I advance to Intermediate, even more unwanted material is added to those unused shelves. That’s the problem.

Believe me, the LingQ engine is powerful enough to still be very useful to me for studying what I choose, but it is very inefficient and time consuming to manage more than a few personal imports.

It’s looking like there is no immediate solution so I’ve said my piece and will get back to my studies.


Yes, but many people don’t want to go through all those steps to find their content. Some people want it front and center with all their books ready to go. I’m sure some users want LingQ to operate like Flipboard, but many others like myself just want it to be like opening up the Kindle app.


I have only been here for about 24 hours, so take what I am about to say with a grain of salt:

I would suggest learning how to make a ‘Course’, and then create ‘Lessons’ within the ‘Course’. I have managed to upload 20 PDF’s from a podcast, as well as the mp3’s, and I put them into a ‘Course’ which acts as a container for the ‘Lessons’.

I would love to create my own ‘Shelf’ to put everything that I will upload over the next year, but haven’t found a way. Instead, I could ‘Search’ for a ‘Course’ with my ‘’, if I were unable to located my ‘Course’. (You could also search for ‘Lessons’ by your ‘’ as well.)

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I have to agree with the others here. It’s great to have so much content available at a click at the home page, but it sometimes is a chore to hunt down my own imported lessons. My suggestion would be to have something like a “My Imports” shelf or something near the top below “Continue Studying” (which, if you’ve started many different courses, is still a lot to wade through…)

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