Hola vpn

anybody ever use this vpn to unblock geo restricted sites it is usually found as free addon for chrome or firefox browsers but i have heard some very negative things about this i was thinking of giving it a try to access some sites in europe

Despite what copyright trolls have been ranting on about, unblocking geo-restricted services such as Netflix and Hulu is completely legal.
This is even though you are the region-locked VoD service, you still pay for the subscription which is as good as a binding contract, making you their legal customer.
So all you’re doing is using a VPN to access the service which is not available in your region.
Also, many companies such as Netflix actually benefit from VPNs since they get to unofficially expand their market outreach to countries around the world which helps them rake in more revenues.
So a VPN is actually a good thing for all these companies rather than being illegal.
Additionally, using a VPN protects your ISP from logging your activity and this shields you from online threats, surveillance etc.
However, make sure you choose a VPN that has a transparent and clear “no logs” policy. I can recommend a few top ones like HidMyass, Express and Ivacy.

Bro Hola is totally free, unless you want to go for its paid version so there’s absolutely no risk in trying it out first. What are the negative reviews about though? If they’re about speed I guess it’s pretty normal to experience a little less speed than browsing the web without any VPN or proxy. There are also other free options like Ivacy Lite for instance where you can try out the VPN for free on your phone and then maybe, maybe go for the upgraded, paid variant if you ever feel like it’s worth the leap.

Check out their websites or just try the apps on android for like a test run or something. Oh, and some VPNs might not offer a free version but honestly, most of the ones I’ve used either offer a trial or money-back guarantee so you’re still okay to go with them. :confused:

some of the things they said was is that hula logs personal details sells it to third parties which might be used by hackers or used fir suspicious activiities in order to pay for their vpn free service which offers as much or more services as many paid services
just type in is hola vpn safe in yoursearch box and see the negative reviews it makes you think

Hola VPN is free VPN service and I wouldn’t recommend Free VPNs and would only advice to use Paid VPN options as nothing should come at a cost of your security. There are many paid VPN providers but I will suggest CyberGhost VPN. As it is the best VPN service and also give you money back guaranty if it will not work perfectly.
If still, you are confused about VPN than here: The Best VPN Services of 2023: Tried, Tested and True | VPNveteran.com you will get the guide to best VPN service. It would help you choose which VPN have to pick.

Try out tunnelbear. They say it’s a really good option for bypassing geo-restriction. Or fast proxy, or free gate. Lots of options. By the way, if you can’t decide what to pick just read previews on http://vpnservicepro.com/ . They are pretty detailed so I believe you’ll find one that suits you.

Yes, of course, I am using VPN every day. There are a lot of free services nowadays. you can choose the best one for yourself. For example I am using https://ininja.org/ , you can try it too.

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I would not recommend you to use a free VPN app as it sells your data to third party clients as well as marketing agencies to show you annoying ads. Instead, you can try using Ivacy VPN, a cheaper and yet highly secure VPN that lets you unblock and access content anywhere in the world.