Hitting enter in the note field should exit

This could be controversial but I think that if you hit “enter” when typing in a LingQ’s note field, it should exit and return focus to the keyboard interface. In other words, it should work just as when hitting enter while in the hint/definition field…

If people are in the habit of typing newlines (like multiple paragraphs??) in the note field then never mind.


Yes, that is why it’s like that. Users requested that functionality. As usual, whatever we do, there are others who would prefer it the other way…! I think we will leave it as is since we can’t please everyone here.

Ok. Just trying to nail down what the keyboard user should do. It appears that you can tab out of there and get the keyboard interface back, so that’s good. I seem to notice that it is inconsistent whether it is possible to tab TO the note field. It seems like if it’s a brand new LingQ, you can press “H” to get to the hint and tab to the note. But if the LingQ already exists it is not possible to tab to the note field.

We don’t really control how the tabbing works. It is determined by your browser in some way.