"Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri" perfectaum est!

I mistakenly pressed “Enter” before being able to edit the subject line, which should read “perfecta est”.

Anyway, I have finished sharing that collection, which can be found here (http://tiny.cc/sb4g5) and I have also edited the existing lessons by removing the “æ” signs and correcting a few mistakes.

Is any female “Latin lover” willing to be my recording partner for the LingQ beginner series once I have translated them? I guess “Greetings and goodbyes” may be ready within this month, while “Who is She?” will have to wait longer.

Apart from this, I have started a collection of articles from Latin Wikipedia (Vicipaedia), beginning from the one on Latin language itself.

This is the link to the collection: Texti a Vicipaedia sumpti - LingQ Language Library.

I have also shared the “Declaratio hominis iurium universa” (http://tiny.cc/17v10) and Saint Thomas’ “Summa Theologicae” (http://tiny.cc/wc111).

This should be enough for today! :slight_smile: