わかります か?
きいて ください。
よんで ください。
かいて ください。
おぼえて ください。
おぼえ ましょう。
いい です か?

ちょっと まって ください。
もう いちど いって ください。

わかり ました。

じかん に なりました。

きょう は ここまで に しましょう。



What does ここまで (kokomade) mean? It did not give me a definition. Sorry if I missed it.

Arigatou in advance.

Ooops! Sorry. I realized there was an english translation. I should be able to figure it out.

I didn’t translate “ここまで” directly into English.
“ここ” is “here,” and “まで” is “until.”
I should have put a space between them :slight_smile:

Ah ok. I understand it better now! Thank you!

I translate it this way
じかん に なりました。= the time became

きょう は ここまで に しましょう。 = today, until here to doing

It isn’t right, is it?

じかん に なりました = time’s up (we’re finished)

Como faço para colocar os caracteres no computador??

O Google tem uma boa IME

eu quero aprender o idioma japones mas acho muito dificil tem com me ajudar porque ja tenho 60 anos muito difucil de encachar na minha memoria obrigado

Translade this please:

もう いちど いって ください。


We can express the sentence the following ways.

#1 Please say it (once) again.
#2 Please repeat it (once) again.
#3 Could you please say it (once) again?
#4 Could you please repeat it (once) again?

If you translate it directly, you can say #1.
もういちど= once again, いって=say, ください=please

I hope this would be helpful for you.

Thanks hirohide.
I understand. ( ^ - ^)

sorry for the many questions, but, do you can translate this please ? :

今日 は ここ まで に し ましょう 。

今日はここまでにしましょう = 今日はここまでで 終わりにしましょう

It means "let’s finish today’s work (or study or play…) now.

ありがとうございますAkikoさん(^- ^o)。

→ Octuber 21, 2011 10:03PM [ごめんなさい!( ^_^" )]

O que significa おぼえて

Ola, também sou aprendiz, mas algumas coisas consigo ajudar.

おぼえて é um verbo, vem de おぼえる que na forma infinitiva, significa lembrar, memorizar。
Não em que contexto encontrou, mas no caso ele está conjugado. Exemplo, uma frase bem simples, num tom imperativo polido: おぼえてください。Trad.: “Lembre-se por favor”.
Segue o kanji de おぼえる = 覚える