Hints cut off when lingqing

I think it would be convenient if the hints popping up would show the whole description or a larger part of it than the current config.
As of now they are cut off and sometimes I see nothing useful but the equivalent traditional characters.

I do not understand, although I note from your profile that you have not yet created any LingQs in the system.

I admit it’s a minor thing and mostly for convenience
when reading a text and listening to the audio I’ll make the links, that what I mean by lingqing.
I don’t always use the dictionaries but the proposed ones (the popped up hints that are shown when hovering the mouse over the blue characters) my problem is about these hints, only parts of them are shown.
I think it would be convenient if the whole explanation are shown in the pop ups or at least a larger part of them than is currently shown.
I hope this is a bit clearer.

I really do not understand the problem and am perplexed since you do not appear to create LingQs. Does anyone else have a similar concern?

It’s strange what you say about my linqs. On my profile Login - LingQ the badge shows that I know a few hundred words of chinese (which I admit is not many but enough to bee seen)

I just noticed on my profile that there was a difference between my russian and chinese page. Chinese showing now previous knowledge and russian beginner 1. when changing to beginner 1 on the chinese page, the stats showed up. maybe now you can see that I have made linqs. Otherwise we must be talking about different things.

I’m not sure of how to explain it in another way but this is what I’m doing.
open a new lesson and start to lingq the unknown words.
when hovering the blue ones a popup is shown, I think it’s what others have used as translation before.
Instead of clicking the >+ new hint< and use a dictionary I mostly use what others before me have.
and the issue is that I would like to see more (a larger part), preferably all (the whole line), of the these previously used translations. That is, they should not be truncated or much less should be skipped.
Since the chinese translation includes the pronunciation and sometimes the traditional characters, most of the translation is not visible due to the pop up being too small.

If the pop up would be larger/wider I guess the whole line of a already used translation would fit.
I hope this makes sense :).

Of curse the whole translation is shown when hovering a yellow word, but my problem is that I want to compare the translations that are suggested, in the process of lingqing.

Aha, now I see your profile. Yes I guess you had your level at no knowledge.

Now I understand. I went in to Chinese and had a look. It depends on what previous members have chosen, and I see that someone has carefully provided the traditional characters which takes up a lot of real estate in the User Hint. Then come the tones, and that leaves little space for the meaning. Maybe we can make the box larger just for Chinese, I don’t know.

Let’s wait for Mark who is traveling right now.

I was starting to disbelieve my sanity and ability to express myself

I was trying the quick lingq function and noticed that even less of the hints are shown while half the bar is left blank.

Yeah, this is an issue, and it is largely caused by the people who put the traditional characters in the Hint, which is of interest to very few learners and pushes the rest of the definition out of the picture. We will see what we can do. Sorry for the inconvenience.