Hints converting to random numbers

I just spent the last three hours creating LingQs using the QuickLingQ tab only to realize over half of the hints for all these LingQs have been replaced with random combinations of numbers. Does this mean I’ll have to start all over again? I really don’t want to commit any more time to doing this unless I can be sure the hints will actually save. Is anyone else having the same issue?

Going through the Vocabulary page to see which hints have been mysteriously changed, I see it’s those that I selected from the QuickLingQ tab that had an already existing hint. Basically, for each such hint I clicked on, it has instead saved a bunch of numbers. The manually created ones seem to be alright.

In case anyone notices something similar, what I’m doing is deleting them all and recreating them manually.

(Sorry for a triple post)

Just wanted to confirm that manual input, either through Standard View or QuickLingQ (which is what I’m using) appears to be working fine for keeping hints. It’s just the automatic selection of hints on the QuickLingQ tab that’s acting funny.

I apologize for the apparent impatience in my first post - it was just a bit of a nasty surprise at first!



Thanks for letting us know Chris. There is obviously a bug there and we are working to fix it. Sorry about that and I understand your impatience! We should be able to restore your hints without you having to do it manually. Every hint in our system has a number and for some reason that number is displaying in that case.

I have also experienced this problem.

The main error should now be fixed.
We are continuing the process of restoring any hints that have this error, so we ask for your patience. If after a day or two you still notice your hints haven’t been corrected yet then please let us know.

Oops, I actually deleted all such hints last night from my Vocabulary page. Oh well. Serves me right for lacking in patience! In any case, it’s back to normal again. Thanks Mark and Alex.

My hints are now back to normal. Thanks so much!

This should all be fixed now. Please let us know if you notice any hints that still have this issue.