Does anyone have experience with Hindi and the difficulty of learning the script and the language? Do be brutal. Tell me the awful truth if there is one. Thanks.

I have some experience with learning Hindi. The alphabet isn’t too difficult. It is like learning the Russian Cyrillic alphabet which you may have done as I see you have Russian progress here on lingq. The main difficulty is the aspirated and unaspirated and the retroflex and dental sounds. The grammar is compared to Russian is pretty simple. When learning vocab try not to laugh, because some words sound funny. :smiley: Other than that Hindi isn’t too difficult.

I have some knowledge of consonant aspiration because Russian has unaspirated consonants and I can kind of reproduce them. What you are saying is that Hindi alternates between them?

Also, I notice that Teach Yourself has a dedicated course book for the script. Is this really necessary? In fact I’d rather not buy it because I notice it doesn’t teach hand writing, which I think it should unless the alphabet is really complex and needs a separate book.

Have you seen this? Полиглот хинди за 16 часов

I guess you will be able to learn the basics of Hindi and improve your Russian at the same time.


I know my humour is a bit off, but I cracked up at the guy @0:32 - ha!

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You’re right. I may use this as a supplementary material. He speaks very clearly.

I admit I have Hindi on my wishlist of languages to study one day, but isn’t it the same situation as with Chinese, where Hindi is known by all Indians but they really speak Punjabi or other regional “dialects”?

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I recommend this video by Langfocus on the language:

Hindi does alternate between the two, in my opinion, alot. Now onto the second part. The teach yourself script book is not needed, but if you need a book to learn to write the alphabet try this book. Amazon.com

It writes the alphabet stroke by stroke, which is helpful. The book also contains basic Hindi structures, vocab, exercises, and readings. I also have Teach yourself beginners Hindi and complete hindi. Iu used Beginners Hindi along with the Basic Hindi book, that I gave the link to, and made good progress. I’ve been working on complete hindi for about 2 weeks, but the beginning chapters are a breeze to go through.

If you still have trouble with the alphabet try watching Anil mahato. He is an hindi tutor/teacher on youtube. He makes videos on different parts of the grammar, word/phrase usage, and conversations.

I’m thinking of buying Teach Yourself Complete Hindi. Not yet though. I’m thinking it might be better to stick with the script for a while to make sure I don’t lose interest first. I found Anil Mahato, by the way. He seems really competent and I’m looking forward to watching more of his videos. Thank you very much for the tips. I can hardly wait to get started. The fact is I don’t actually study much anymore but only read Russian and Serbian so I kind of miss actually studying a language.

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