Hindi mini stories

I plan on creating some Hindi mini stories. Does anybody know whether I can share them publicly since it is currently not a supported language?


You can’t share them at the moment since Hindi isn’t available in our language list. We hope to have it added within next few months.


great news, hope this takes away the excuse not to have hindi

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Please see this through as Hindi is on my list and would love to see it be supported!!!


Yes thank you so much for all your work its so good.

Oh, that would be great! I started studying Hindi three weeks ago, and I’m really sorry there’s no Hindi or mini stories.

Great! I’m looking forward to having Hindi on the list.

So with this LingQ 5.0 you are or mite have Hindi by the end of the summer

Hello again,
what about the other Indian friend who offered to translate the mini-stories some time ago? You haven’t answered him nor my email about it…

I’ll get in touch with your friend today, sorry about the delay. I had to check with other volunteers first where we stand to avoid double work.

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I would also love to see a Hindi course - you can see/use the contact link here to see if/how you could do this: New Languages on LingQ


Thank you! That’s great to know! I hope Hindi can be available soon.

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So excited for Hindi to be added to LingQ! Please add it soon!


Hi again

4 weeks have passed and you haven’t contacted him yet…
Even if you can’t release Hindi yet why don’t you have the volunteers start the process as quickly as possible so you can launch them as soon as you have everything else set?


I hope that Hindi will become available on LingQ soon.

Same!!! I really want to learn it and I don’t know if id be able to do it well wihtout LingQ. Hopefully it comes out with 5.0!

Now it’s a month later, any news?

We won’t be adding new languages before we launch LingQ 5.0.

Hello! Do you know when that will be? Also will Hindi be one of the languages added? Are the mini stories being worked on? Sorry for so many questions and it is okay if you can’t answer them. Just super excited for both 5.0 and hindi! Thx

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@Khalifa99 LingQ 5.0 should be in September, and shortly after that launch we will continue adding new languages. We do have volunteers working on Hindi, so hopefully we will have stories delivered until then.